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12 October 1985
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I'm not perfect. I've done things that I've told myself I would never do & I've lost a hell of a lot of respect for people; But despite everything, I've learned a lot, and when it comes down to it, I'm happy & that's all that matters

AnneMarie. Twenty-eight.Libra [10-12-85]. Happily engaged to Matt [7/5 till the world blows].Proud Mommy to Layla Nicole. My family means the world to me and completes me. A Nurse.Independent. Music makes my world go round. Italian. Tatted. Lives to laugh and have fun with friends. Takes girly girl to a new level. Loves shopping. Enjoys being cozy. Adores bubble baths and relaxing. Hopeless Romantic. A fighter when she's mad and a lover when she's loving.Totally random at times.

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